Friday, February 22, 2008

What It's All About

A few weeks ago in Houston, Texas was the USGA Annual meeting. I was unable to attend this years meeting and I am so sorry that I did. This year Former President Bush was honored with the Bobby Jones award. I would like for everyone to go to the USGA web site and watch the videos. Click here and first watch the George Bush Tribute Video to get a understanding for what a great ambassador that he and his family have been for the game of golf. After that video then click on and watch, George Bush Accepts Bob Jones Award and listen to passion that he speaks about the game and why it is the greatest game.

We who play this game and love it understand the meaning of his words. Golf is a great game and there is no other game like it. So thank you to everyone that makes this great game that much better. I hope each of you enjoy the video’s

Until I see you on the first tee.


Anytime Now

Okay, I don't know about you but this weather is getting old. I am tired of this white stuff falling from the sky. Bring on the warm weather. I think that it is kind of funny that last July when we were having those awfully hot days we were asking for some cold relief, now that we have it all of us are asking for that July weather again. Oh well, I keep telling myself that it will warm up soon.

Here at the MGA we are still plugging along getting ready for the season. Twelve more days before you can start entering the 08 events online, so make sure you have March 4th circled on your calendar. I am very excited about the upcoming year and I hope all of you are as well.

I have been studying everyday for the past month and half for the USGA Rules School that I have to go to the first week of March. This class is 4 days long with a test at the end. I took this class two years ago and the test was the hardest thing I have ever taken in my life. Going in I thought to myself this won't be too hard, boy was I WRONG, it was brutal. The test is 100 questions long, 50 questions are closed book and the last 50 are open book. However the open book questions are paragraph long questions that have all kind of different situations. When I left that test I was seeing stars and had trouble remembering my name. However this time I am more prepared (I think) to get after it, I hope.

So keep dreaming of the warm weather, Until I see you on the first tee.