Friday, January 19, 2007

We Are Under Way in 2007

Well, it is official, the golf season is under way!!!! With the PGA Tour having started over in the warm weather of Hawaii the past few weeks and now out in Palm Springs before long we will be playing here in Missouri. That is if we ever melt all of this ice we have.

After the first couple of events I have come up with a few observations already for the early 2007 season and I would love to share them with you!!

1. I am not a big fan of all the Golf Tournaments going to the Golf Channel! In my eyes we are not letting everyone have a chance to see the game of golf. Not every household in America gets the Golf Channel, so how are young golfers or non golfers going to get a chance to see the game and maybe get interested if it is not on the main networks for everyone to see. Before the tournaments were on ESPN or USA Thursday and Friday and through the weekend. Now, if you do not have the Golf Channel you might be able to only see a few hours of the tourneys when they are put on national networks during the weekends for about three hours. We need the game to have better exposure; the number of players is going down. This is only going to hurt the game and the PGA can pat there pockets even more!!

2. The Fed Ex Cup or whatever it is called. This is not a fair thing for all players involved. I know that the PGA wants to get the bigger named players to play in more events. However these guys are making so much money in endorsement deals and appearance fees they really could care less about the Fed Ex Cup. They know that they are still going to get their money no matter what. This is killing the young players that are just getting there chance on the tour, it is taking money out the pockets of the people that need it the most.

3. Michelle Wie, at first I was all for her and competing against the men. I was amazed by her talent for her age and do not get me wrong I still am. However, she has worn her welcome out. It is getting old watching her trying to compete against the big boys and then not even come close to make the cut. I know that she had an injury in the Sony Open last week. But come on, again she is taking money and a chance away from another player. I would like to see for her to go back and compete against the women week in and week out and learn how to win and dominate the LPGA Tour. After she does that for about two years and matures more, then I am all for her wanting to come back and try again against the men. She still has not won on the LPGA Tour yet has she? So Michelle, I am all for you but I think you are hurting your own star power here.

4. Next week, I am heading down to The PGA Show in Orlando. I am very excited about going. This is the first time I have ever been. I have heard many times that I will not believe how big this place is where the convention is and all the stuff in the show to see. I am going down with Randy, the MGA Junior Golf Director to promote and try to sell some advertisements for our web site. When I get back I will give my take on the new can’t miss products for the 2007 season!!

5. Blogging is a new phenomenon that has taken over. I got this Idea from Wendy Uzelac of the USGA. She started her own blog a few months ago. I suggest that each of you go to her page and check it out, it is really great Check this out you will enjoy it. I know that I do!!

Well that is what I am seeing Thru My Eyes this week. Stay warm and think about that May is around the corner!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Getting Ready for 2007

2007 Golf Season News
The ED Speaks

January 2007

To: MGA tournament golfers
From: Scott Hovis, MGA Executive Director

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your participation in our 2006 events offered by the Missouri Golf Association. It was an outstanding year all the way around. We here in Missouri are very fortunate to have outstanding member clubs that allow us to use their wonderful facilities. However, our events would not be successful without your efforts.

The 2007 golfing year is just around the corner and we here at the MGA office are hard at work to make this year the best we ever had. There are some changes that we have made for the upcoming year and also some additions. I encourage you to read through this at your convenience to be brought up to speed with what is happening.

1. Entry forms: Entry forms for all MGA competitive programs may be printed from the MGA’s website ( and mailed to the association office. Entries may also be done online with payment made with a credit card. Otherwise call the MGA office to have entry mailed to you (573-636-8994)

2. First day of entries: For the first time you may now enter all the MGA events that you want to play at one time. Staring March 5, 2007 every tournament will be open for players to enter. You can pay for all the tourneys at one time. No entry will be accepted prior to 9:00 a.m. on that date.

3. Senior Series: Starting new in 2007, we are beginning a new series of one day events throughout the state for golfers over the age of 50. These competitions will take place on various days of the week and will be all shotgun starts. Please check the Senior Series schedule for the tournament dates and all the series details to compete in these events you must be a member of the senior series, the cost is $65 for a membership.

4. Ozark Senior Challenge Cup: Beginning in 2007 a team of 12 members from the Senior Series will compete against a team of players from Kansas in a challenge cup. The event runs over a three-day period with a practice round. Then A.M. Four ball matches and P.M. Foursome matches. The last day will be singles matches. Four players will compete in the net division and eight players will compete in the scratch division.

5. Association Senior Cup: Beginning in 2007 also a team of 6 members from the Senior Series all over the age of 65 will compete against a team from Kansas. Two players will compete in the net and four players in the scratch. The event will be three days, with a practice round, and then AM foursome matches then P.M. four ball matches. The final day will be Single matches.

6. Electronic Measuring Distance Devices: Our experience with these devices in 2006 was positive. The players that used them found it to be very helpful and they helped the pace of play to a small degree. The MGA will continue to allow the use of EMDs in 2007 for all but junior-only competitions. If you would like to get the best price on a Bushnell (Tournament edition), go to the link on the MGA home page and click on the Bushnell advertisement.

7. Junior events: Two new junior tourneys for the 07 year are on the books. Check the Jr. Schedule for all the details about them.

8. 2007 MGA competition schedules: The sites and dates for the 2007 MGA championship schedule are up on the tournament page for your viewing. The Senior Series schedule is still being finalized, however all other events are set.

Here is to good golfing in 2007!!!!