Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Final Day!

After a short night of sleep we were back at the course at 6:30am. The morning is the same routine as the day before, however we got to the golf course and I was picked up by the General Manager who took me straight out on the course to show me the storm damage from the night before. A mini storm blew through with high winds and blew over trees throughout the course and a bolt of lightning struck a deer on the 17th tee and killed it. I have never seen anything like it before. With the debris all over the course and chance of weather we had to make sure to get the players off on time and that they were safe. So the plan we came up with was to take the players that were suppose to start on hole 1 and have them start on hole 7, They would play 7 thru 9 and then go back and finish 1 thru 6 before they headed to the back. With the 6th hole beginning so close to the 10th tee it worked out just fine. We got everyone around the golf course and crowned a new Four Ball Champion, Travis Mitchell and Tyler Stalker both of Springfield shot a 61 to finish at 17 under par and win by two strokes over the Defending Champions. Mitchell and Stalker shot a smooth little 28 on the demanding back nine holes, Congrats boys and great playing!!
Once we got the results posted and the awards given out, the trailer was loaded and we are pulling out of town at 8 and heading home. Hope to make to my bed by midnight if not oh well. Back at it Monday and get ready for Thursday thru next Tuesday in Branson.

I would like to finish and say a huge thank you to the staff of Dalhousie, what a wonderful job they did for us and the players. It was a great weekend for everyone involved.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Four-Ball Championship

Today is the first round of the 2007 Four Ball Championship; this will be the longest day for us the staff. We got here at the course at 6:30 this morning. Our first job is to get the First and Tenth tee’s ready for the starters. Make sure that they have the notice to Competitors sheet and the Hole Location sheets along with the Scorecards for each group. As that is being done another part of the staff goes out on the course to check and make sure that hole locations are set in the correct places for the day, while doing this job that person will also set the tee markers for the day. All along the players are showing up for the Championship, asking different questions. It becomes very challenging at times, but we do just fine.

The rest comes after the morning wave is finishing and the afternoon waves are going out. You have to get teams to there starting tee’s and also get the morning scores checked, signed, put in the computer system and posted on the scoreboard. I would say that tonight the last groups will be finishing around 6:30 or so. Once the last group has finished then we have to get ready for the second day by making pairings, getting the scores posted on the web, printing scorecards for the next day, and sending the scores to media outlets. I would say that we will be lucky to leave the course by 8:30 or so. However, that is part of the job and I love it.

Until I see you on the first tee.


Four-Ball Practice Round

Today is Friday and practice round day here at the Four Ball Championship. The staff and I got to the course at 7:30 this morning to finish setting the hole locations for the event. After getting the locations set, we then proceeded to go out and check all the hazards, to make sure that they were marked correctly and visible for the players to see. With 174 players showing up today, it has gotten a little bit more hectic around here. The final preparation for the event is to select the teeing areas for the event. With this event having a net division we have to set two different tee locations.

The venue we are at is the Dalhousie Golf Club; it is one of my favorite courses in the state. You have to search really hard to find a course that is in better playing condition then this course and also a place that has 18 wonderful golf holes. The players are in for a real treat these next three days.

Until I see you on the first tee.


Four-Ball Time

The staff and I are heading to Dalhouise Golf Club in Cape Girardeau for the Four-Ball Championship, I am going to give you guys a daily update on what we are doing and what we really do each day for a Championship. I get that question a lot, people always want to know what we do each day. Today is Thursday and we are heading down to meet with the General manager, Head Pro and Superintendent to go over the golf course and see if there are any issues before we get working. After the tour of the course, we will then begin marking hole locations for both days of the Championship. We also mark which tee boxes that we will use each round. If time permits today we will also mark hazards and Out of Bounds. If not then we will get that done first thing in the morning before the practice round starts.

I hope you enjoy reading what it is like to set up and run a Championship event.

Until I see you on the first tee.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Joe Salazar Jimenez

The golfing community has lost a great member this past weekend. Long time Jefferson City Country Club Pro and Senior Tour Player Joe Jimenez passed away this past Saturday. Joe, who won the 1978 Senior PGA Championship and numerous Senior Legend events. I had the great pleasure of getting to play a round of golf with Joe this past February in San Antonio. He still amazed me how well he played the game at the age of 80 years young.. Bob Toski the great teacher once said that he would play anyone his age or older for any amount of money except for Joe Jimenez. He will be greatly missed.

For more information you can click on this link

Until I see you on the first tee,