Monday, October 5, 2009

Time to Shine!

The 2009 Hieronymus Cup Matches are here, below you will see the schedule of events and team members for the event being held at Jefferson City Country Club.

Friday, October 9th, 2009
Practice Round
Saturday, October 10th
AM- Four Ball Matches
PM- Alternate Shot Matches
Sunday, October 11th
Single Matches

East Team - Jim Holtgrieve Team Captain

West Team - Ron Brewer Team Captain

Senior Point Members

Senior Point Members

Don Bliss

Steve Groom

Scott Thomas

Gerald Siemons

David Lucks

Rich Gleghorn

Bob Meeh

Andy Smith

Robert Trittler

Ron Eilers

Karl Elbrecht

Don Kuehn

Scott Edwards

Tom McHenry

Darrel Huisinga

Robert Martin

Ben Cantrell (Captains Pick)

B J Curry (Captains Pick)

Jim Holtgrieve

Dee Sanders (Captains Pick)

Randy Bickel (Assistant Captain)

Jack Garvin (Assistant Captain)

Champion Point Members

Champion Point Members

Skip Berkmeyer

Brian Haskell

Darren Lundgren

Brad Nurski

Jeff Johnson

Scott Hovis

Tom Barry

Aaron Murphy

Ted Moloney

Dean Merrill

Bobby Godwin

Tyler Stalker

David Johnson

Harry Roberts

Brevin Giebler

Mark Korell

Paul Neeman (Captains Pick)

Wayne Fredrick (Captains Pick)

Buddy Allen (Captains Pick)

Travis Mitchell (Captains Pick)

Antonio Serrano (Assistant Captain)

In years passed 14 members were chosen to represent their region (2008 and prior). This year (2009) we have extended the number of members to 20 players per team. 20 players represent the East side of Missouri and 20 players represent the West side. 8 of the 20 are chosen from the top 2009 point leaders. Then 8 players are chosen from the top senior point leaders. The remaining 4 are chosen by the Captain, 2 from the championship side and 2 from the senior division.

The East Team won the matches in 2008 at Dalhouise Golf Club by the score of 15.5 to 12.5. The East leads 8 to 7 in the lifetime standings of these matches. It should be a fun weekend full of some great golf!!

Until I see you on the first tee!!