Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well I just got back from a trip to Florida with the family for a week. It was nice to get away for a few days and enjoy some time watching my little girls eyes light up every time she saw one of her favorite Disney characters. Plus it was a lot warmer than what we have here in Missouri now.

Also, while in Orlando I got the chance to head over to the PGA Merchandise show to check out the newest golf toys for 2008. This place was huge, there were over 1200 exhibitors at the show. You can not imagine all the new items I saw. For example, one of the craziest things I saw was the new product from Big Daddy golf. It is driver with an extra big head, however instead of hitting the ball with the club you open the head up and it turns into a weed eater. There are many crazy things like that, but also the club manufactures have their latest things out as well. Callaway and Nickent companies were showcasing the screw on head clubs. You find the right shaft for you then just screw the head on that shaft and away you go. However they are not cheap, the Callaway drivers MSRP is around $850. I guess the wave of the future is the interchangeable shafts. Before long I guess we will have two or three shafts in our bags and some club heads and just screw the head on the shaft you like best for that shot. It is getting pretty amazing with what manufactures are coming out with. The show was great for me and I saw some great things we can use for years to come.

Now that we are back, it is time to get ready for the 08 season. Before long it will be upon us. Make sure to mark your calendars for February 12th and 13th for the Educational Seminar. Information for this is on the web site.

Stay warm and I look forward to seeing you all soon on the first tee.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Here They Come!

Mark your calanders!! The biggest names in the world of golf, including Tiger, are heading our way. This September The BMW Championship is going to be held at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis. The dates are September 1st thru 7th. To get ticket info go to the website This event rotates between Chicago, St. Louis, and Carmel Indiana. Tiger won the event last year in Chicago and I hope he plans on coming to St. Louis this year to repeat.

What a great way to see the worlds best go head to head in our back yard. I know that I will be there, so make sure you are too.

Until I see you on the first tee.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Here We Go

The 2008 golfing season is under way, after the Mercedes Championship last week in Hawaii. Wow! What a beautiful place, it would have been nice to have been there. Oh well, maybe someday. The event turned out to be pretty exciting at the end with the great playoff duel between Steve Stricker and the eventual champion Daniel Chopra. To be honest the tourney was pretty boring all week until the last three holes, thanks in part to the lack of the star power that did not play. In my opinion I think the Tour should step in and say "okay boys, you won a great event last year and made x amount of money from the win and endorsement deals that might have come your way. The least you can do is fly over for a week to Hawaii and play in a great event against the best in the world and oh by the way you get money for just playing, if not then there will be a fine coming your way." It would have been great to see the season get started with Tiger and Phil going at it right off the bat. However, I guess neither need the money or like the weather. It is a shame, in all reality it is only hurting the game. The more we see of the big boys go at it, the better the game and tour will benefit.

Things here at the MGA are getting started as well, before long we will see each of you on the first tee. So get up and get off the couch from watching all the bowl games, and get in the gym. Your body needs to get in shape before the season or you might be at risk of an injury and that could keep you from playing this summer. A little exercise will not hurt you each day.

Take care and I will give an update next week from Orlando at the PGA show to let you know all the cool things that are out there for 2008.

Until I see you on the first tee.