Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rest in Peace our Friend

Rest In Peace our friend Dr. Henry W. Fricke, Jr. or as we all know him “FRICK” passed last night in a car accident. There are no words to begin to express our deep sorrow. All of us Scott, Randy, and myself, our Boatwright Interns past and present, MGA Directors and you the players will miss him horribly. He has touched so many of our lives. He spent this last weekend at the lake with Erin, his daughter and his grandaughters and then with all of us at the Father Son Championship at The Club at Porto Cima. He enjoyed every second of that. He has always said that is one of his favorite weekends of the season! I would like to share a quote that he shared with me while he was battling cancer earlier this year. HOPE. Start each day with it. But, more importantly, end each day with ACCEPTANCE of whatever happened. Then go on from there.We love you Frick! God Speed. And thanks for sending down the rain today. We know you had a hand in it. HE SO LOVED ALL OF YOU!

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